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Data storage

The server is located in Frankfurt (Germany), and managed by Opalstack. Data is only accessible by the Data Manager Andrea Guerra, you can find contact info in his Github profile.

Subject access request

Before registration we know nothing about you. To register we need you to enter a username and a working email address (it must be validated, see "Contacting users"). Once registred user can fill in his profile, adding an avatar, a first and second name and a short bio. If user doesn't want to show these informations in public, she/he can select the "Anonymize" check. At any moment user can modify/erase these informations, or cancel her/his registration. All information regarding the user will be erased from tha database, including the email address but excluding the username.

Why do we keep the username? Maybe in time you have interacted with the site, and you have created an item, so your "signature" is your username.

Registration may be achieved also through your Google account. In this case some info from Google is stored in the database, namely a numeric ID, the email, the email_verified flag, the name (given and family name) and a picture. Once again, if user decides to unregister, all this data will be permanently erased.

Contacting users

We contact users ONLY at the moment of registration, to validate their email address.


We do not profile users.